Yesterday evening, after 25 seconds of silence, the 4th guard struggling to start, he will be in the hands of an instant forcefully plain football jerseys for sale throw the football in the sky to draw a beautiful arc. This scenario is not crazy stimulation at the 2005 American football Super Bowl (SuperBowl) contest, but in the downtown area of ​​Shanghai, East China model in the school garden.

American football, some people think that this is a 'brutal campaign' is rapidly landing in Shanghai, and its first batch of participants also unexpectedly --- all-Shanghai high school students 14 years of age. And tomorrow, it will have as many as 30 high school students in Shanghai fierce league football team loves.

'feeling when authentic college football jerseys for sale viewed for the first time is a fear.'

'Super Bowl, NFL (National Football League) I know! I love football!' the 4th guard said excitedly. 4 guard is an American football team in the most important position. East China Model High School on the 4th Mattress Wei Wei's name, and now he was just a junior middle school students, the contact time football less than three months.

and Mattress unique way, more and more students in Shanghai is almost in the shortest possible time, from scratch, until completely hooked on American football. And all this, of course without the support of the education authority, NFL American football safety improvements and a series of commercial operation.

denture, uniform shirts, etc., which are equipped with a beautiful unique feel and let Mattress Super Bowl players alike. In fact, too, Shanghai junior high school football retains original in many ways. However, football's 'barbaric ingredients' or was deliberately removed.

rugby different from adults, in accordance with the improvement of the NFL, Shanghai middle school students who will never be allowed to hold in the game and the pushing people, instead, the defense side pulled a waist belt flag offensive player the ball on the offensive Jibei blocked. This minimizes physical contact. In addition, high school students Rugby football is smaller than adults, is filled with sponge rubber between the liner and the epidermis, is to make football can soften, to avoid possible danger.

It is due to the improved aspects NFL, American football finally received the support of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, cheap football jerseys for sale the city's new term has been the introduction of more than 30 high school students high school football, American football opened the first piece of the market in Shanghai .

Meanwhile, NFL also just with Shanghai Media Group signed a five-year contract. SMG permitted during this period by the Oriental TV and other television networks broadcast the Super Bowl. In addition, a show weekly NFL football sensory stimulation are the streets of Shanghai.

NFL's promotion party before Rui Wang Jia-frequency sources, they just have to fight through the media publicity so that more young people to join the sport. But clearly, it also requires a process.

'feeling when viewed for the first time is a fear, how did the protective device it?' East China Model High School physical education teacher Feng Wei memories of high school students this football first impression. It is also dangerous because parents fear for the sport, his football team to guide students from three months ago to now, the team has been reduced by half over 20 people at the start.

'football game not the General Assembly Yao-style idol'

Jin Yi Sheng

junior middle school students is one to be the last person. He said his parents are very worried about myself, because although there are rules of improvement, but a small sports accident or inevitable. Jin Yi Sheng pointed Shuaiguo waist, said: 'Of course the pain of injury, but in order to make the playoffs, it is worth!'

Feng Wei was very touched by the courage of these children. He said that today's children have only one child, they lack most is the quality of collective cooperation, while American football most participants cultivate team spirit, let the kids like a real army football jerseys for sale man. In addition, high-tempo football but also let the kids good brain, keen observation.

'football game not the General Assembly Yao-style idol.' America for many years Weidui Xiang Wei Feng also endorsed the idea. He said that in the Super Bowl game, because the equipment obscures the team image, more people remember is the team's victory and glory.


is happening indeed confirms the view of Feng Wei et al. Today, those who are unfamiliar football team has become a close partner in life. Tomorrow would have been the school's Spring time, but for the collective honor, Mattress CD with his partners have taken the initiative to give up this opportunity.

Students treat

Shanghai attitude to NFL football is very satisfied. But the former president TorPetersen sharp view, this is just the first step towards. TorPe-tersen estimates, China to form a stable team of rugby fans it will take 10-20 years.

Nevertheless, NFL still showed enough patience and confidence. 'As you can imagine, 10 years later, those of Shanghai, East China Model High School kids must be a big fan of American football.' Said Wang Jia frequency.

getting late, but still a long time football jerseys for sale the only Mattress reluctant to leave the court, he has to practice a lot about pitching, preparing for tomorrow's race. Mattress biggest hope is China the only high school team to die down to win a game, eventually won the 2005 NFL World Championship opportunity. Plum TianLin secondary schools and the ongoing tournament.

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