More than a year ago, the first branch was established in Nanjing GuoZiHao sports teams - women's football national youth team officially formed. In the Asian Youth Conference, young team lost to Japan in the final, got a piece of precious silver. Last night, the ranks of the Nanjing girl Yan Mei Ling, Li Tian, ​​Wang normalization month, Wu Fan, Chen Ya segment with teammates stood on the podium runner. 'Runner-up with some regret, but next year we can enjoy high school football jerseys for sale performances at the Youth Olympic arena, hoping to play better.'

let us follow the Nanjing section ya girl this morning saying, approached the five golden flowers in Nanjing - they are the face of the Asian Youth Conference in Nanjing, but also the pride of the people of Nanjing.

Rugby Youth Team coach Oscar foreigners from Fiji, 18 female athletes in five Nanjing girl that he personally ohio state football jerseys for sale picked, which are currently still in middle school girl, the use of spare time rugby training, including 'Ball Age 'The longest Yan Mei Ling school is Kuni Experimental High School. Since only about 1.60 meters tall, with short hair and a head strong overall figure, the 'tomboy' is the placement of his teammates, 'chubby' nickname.


two days, the coach to school selection, from so that 'chubby' and the relatively unpopular sport rugby indissoluble bond - before being elected, she almost know nothing about the football, but after practicing, girl frantically in love with the sport. For football projects, short stature is actually flawed, but Mei Ling Yan often amount to add their own feisty, to rely on these shares vicious, she became a women's rugby team captain, Nanjing, and subsequently selected for the National Youth team.

than Yan Mei-Ling Wang owned a large five months tall, he worked in the sports school to practice javelin she later diverted to play football, this little girl from Lishui, said she had intended to football practice, but it is later found not to mention the Chinese Football chopsticks, so chose football. Since before the project is engaged in throwing, so the king throws in the game go month high hit rate, she is the position in the team forward, responsible for the main.

and Yan Mei-ling, also from Kuni segment Ya Chen and Wu who had a practice sprint, when the National Youth Team selection, paragraph Ya morning meter score is 12 seconds more, this result be a leader in the same age group rugby female athletes. In addition, Xuzhou girl Li Tian also registered in Nanjing, she was the first basketball practice, after accidentally elected to the football team, height 1.77 m, weight 64 kg, she became the first starting height Youth Team .

although in the final defeat, but also a heavy silver, setting the girls sweat and tears. When the newly recruited team, girls or white skin, due to the need for a long time training in the hot sun, they are black. 'Sunscreen useless, soon to be sweat washed out.' The girls said with a smile.

Oscar often use a number of small game to make the girls relax in a boring single training.

'warm-up exercise before or after each time, the coach will always play games with us.' players Liu Xiaoqian told reporters. Because it is a 'foreign coach' reasons, the language of communication between players and coaches often interesting things will happen, Oscar likes to imitate the players speak, called the players' names in Chinese.

'He put the best is 'Hurry up, hurry up', but he said that we could not help but laugh, with an accent.' Liu Xiaoqian Speaking of coaches could not help but laugh out loud fun. But the coach is not only funny side, more intimate side, and once had a birthday players, coaches and other team members on telling her to help her prepare a birthday cake together and gave her a big surprise.

Chinese foreign coach, 'Come football jerseys for sale on,' put it best

primary and secondary schools have been opened in Nanjing college football jerseys for sale football lesson

Currently, China's football belongs fledgling stage, are popular items, but with the Rugby Sevens return to the Olympics, this popular project is expected in China 'hot' up. Nanjing Asian Youth also as an opportunity to focus on the development of rugby. At present, Nanjing has been carried out in primary and secondary school touch football game, some schools also opened a relevant curriculum, students in further promote the sport.

'football into the campus, allowing more young people about this project in Nanjing to promote the popularization and promotion of the project.' Niu Yong, Secretary-General of the Football Association of Nanjing, said, 'The next will be located in Nanjing 'international olive-linked training center in Asia 'You can also enhance the competitive level of the Nanjing football. '

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